Nate Roberts

On the issues

Worker’s Rights

Vaccine Mandates

Governmental vaccine mandates can make working people’s lives more difficult. If an employer wants to request that employees are vaccinated, that is their right. It is also the workers’ right to benefit from getting a required vaccination. We should be able to come to a fair agreement with the employer for wages, benefits, or conditions so that both benefit from being vaccinated to remain employed.

Right to Work

Working people have the right to work in a safe environment with hours scheduled in advance and at a good wage. We also have the right to work together as co-workers to reach an agreement with our employer on these issues. 

Lower Taxes for Working People

Income Taxes

The Idaho Legislature says they have been lowering income taxes for EVERYBODY but instead they have been putting more of the burden of running our state onto the working people. We need a tax system that is fair and fully funds the needs of our state. 

Eliminate the Grocery Tax

Idahoans pay this tax every time we buy food for our families. Sure, you get a credit for $100 when you file your taxes at the end of the year. It would be better for you to keep that money rather than give it to the state to give back to you as a credit.

Property Taxes

If the Legislature would fully fund our schools and fairly share tax revenue with our communities, our property taxes would be lower. This would eliminate the many tax levies and bonds needed by School Districts, Cities, and Counties. 

Affordable Housing

Idaho needs to go in a new direction to provide working families the opportunities for and access to affordable housing. Purchasing a home is the working family’s method of building wealth. Our cities are collapsing under the weight of enormous housing costs while rural communities fade due to a lack of investment. There is a compromise to be found here but it will take all of us to reach it.

Schools and Education

Fix Our Schools

The state Office of Performance Evaluation (OPE) reported in January 2022 that Idaho schools need $847,000,000 of work just to get them to a minimum standard of safety. The Legislature must immediately address this issue efficiently and effectively. 

Contractors working in our schools must be vetted for performance, meeting timelines, on budget, with an excellent safety record, and employ Idahoans. This will ensure that we are fiscally responsible with taxpayer’s dollars and keep that money in our communities.

Build New Schools

As Idaho continues to grow, we will need new schools to send our children to. These new facilities must be high-tech, highly efficient, and environmentally sound. 

Fund Education

The Legislature must fully fund our public school system. As a legislator, we swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of Idaho. It says:


The stability of a republican form of government depending mainly upon the intelligence of the people, it shall be the duty of the legislature of Idaho, to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.

I will protect and defend the Constitution of the State of Idaho to the best of my ability. Including holding other elected officials to this oath. 



The State of Idaho needs to increase the availability of Broadband Internet to our rural areas. Rural communities are what make living in Idaho great. In our digital age, it is imperative that these communities have low-cost, fast internet available to educate our children, do business and have access to the unlimited knowledge contained on the internet. We cannot wait or rely upon large corporations to build this network. This must be done by the State of Idaho and we have Federal funds to work with. We just need the political will to do the job.

Roads and Bridges

Yes, the Governor has committed funds to this in 2022, but it needs to be an ongoing fully funded plan. We need to maintain our roads to ensure the safety of our families and the ability to simply and safely get to work or our children get to school on a daily basis. 

State Lands

Our state land should be accessible to all. Camping, hunting, fishing, or a picnic on state lands should not need to be something that we need special permission from an out-of-state, wealthy landowner to enjoy with friends or family. We must hold fast to this ideal for future generations. 

As a State Representative, I welcome input from all working people on any of these subjects and I will work diligently to get that work completed.