Nate Roberts

State Representative

For Working People

Nate Roberts

Your Voice

Idaho is a beautiful state, as those of us who live here can attest. It has become one of the fastest-growing states in the nation as more and more people realize this. Yet living in Idaho as a working family has been getting harder. How do we fix this?

It is time to do something different. To elect someone different.

Idahoans have always tackled big issues by working together. Part of the Idahoan way of life includes helping our friends, families, and neighbors when they are in need.

I’m running for the Idaho House of Representatives to work for and with real Idahoans, to amplify our collective voice so that the Legislature hears the message – we need real solutions to the problems that working people and their families face every day.

I have worked for 36 years to provide a living for my family in Idaho. I still get up in the early hours, work all day, to get home late, tired, worn out, and sometimes hurting, all for a paycheck that does not go as far as it should. I understand the struggle that so many face. 

I am running for Idaho State Representative in District 29, Pocatello,  because I believe in the values that so many Idahoans share. I believe in the idea that hard work earns a fair opportunity, in viewing others as equals, and in serving my community because it is others’ home as much as it is mine. Too many legislators speak to these ideals without practicing them. I am committed to making them a reality.

In the Legislature, I will serve my fellow Idahoans with this ethos. I will speak not just on the people’s behalf, but in your own voice.